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Walnut GM's Valet (Short, Small version), fully closed.Walnut GM's Valet (Short, Small version), fully closed.Walnut GM's Valet (Short, Small version) drawer opening.Flip-down desk open and ready for use with an 8 Hour Chair!15'' laptop displayed on the Small, Short sized GM's Valet, for perspective.Top-down view showing legal-sized filing in the top of the GM's Valet. Cup Holder and Entropy Engine on the side rail system.


GM's Valet

Evil geniuses need minions


Game Masters know campaigns hinge on logistics. And who better to handle your resources than the perfect minion?

The GM's Valet is your trusted aide de camp. It is organized and always at hand, ready with the essentials to assist you in guiding adventures, testing heroes, and building the legends your friends will recount for decades.


This particular piece is right on the line between storage and a desk. It will hold all your supporting materials-- maps, character sheets and other filing, books-- and allow you to reference and create while you're sitting at your gaming table. Just roll up your personal library and get to storytelling.


The GM's Valet includes choice of wood (cherry, maple, oak, or walnut), choice of style, clear finish, choice of file size, drawers, the rail system, and wheels (so it can move).


Wood Choices

Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, all sustainably sourced here in the United States. Choose between American Cherry, Hard Rock Sugar Maple, Quartersawn White Oak, and Black Walnut.

Cherry Maple Oak Walnut


The GMV has a pair of hidden wheels that allow you to roll your GMV up to the table and then back against the wall when you are done. Because everything is better when it comes to you. (Pizza, doctors, the circus... The Mountain.)

Flip-Down Desk
The top of the GM's Valet flips down and transforms the whole piece into a campaign desk.

Portable Library
A roomy 13'' high bookshelf at the bottom is, sized perfectly for game manuals!

Filing System
Piles are not a system-- they're a symptom. Get your papers off the shelves and floor and put them into some file folders. And label those folders. And then put them in your GMV.

Rail System
Your furniture's utility belt. The Rail system allows you to add accessories to the sides of the GM's Valet, like cupholders and dice rolling bins.


File styles
Double Letter
Legal and Letter

The GM's Valets are built to include 1, 2, or 4 drawers, with optional dividers, depending which file style you choose! Talk to your Geek Chic valet if you have any questions about configuration.

Drawers Package
The GM's Valet comes with a library shelf at the bottom, which is perfect for player manuals, binders, and other reference materials. However, if you do not need the library shelf, and the materials you wish to store would be better suited by a drawer, you can add on 3 or 6 more drawers, depending on the style of your GM's Valet.